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Managed Services - Website is the ultimate in protection and hands-off maintenance. Our staff of technologist ensure your website is up-to-date, running optimal, and available for use. Every website we host comes with many benefits.

Website maintenance is often not very exciting. It's about as exciting as purchasing a warranty for your vehicle. The real excitement comes when a major problem was resolved at no cost to you. Managed Services for websites covers all updates including WordPress, Plugins, server, database, integrations, email, and more. All too often we have clients who're under the impression their website is kept up-to-date only to find out later that their website has been compromised because it was only receiving server updates and not WordPress updates. Many hacks occur due to Plugins, Themes, and WordPress updates not staying current. WordPress has become the more popular website building platform, which offers great functionality and support. However, it also becomes a regular target, and an easy one if not properly maintained.

Google Analytic Reporting is included. We provide weekly performance metric reporting on all our websites. We want you to know how your website is doing. How many visitors, where're they visiting from, and how long did they visit. When growing a business knowing is half the battle. What's working and what's not. What gets measured gets done.

Integration is a very common requirement for websites. Websites are the foundation for your business online and it is used to communicate with many other platforms. You want to be sure all those connections are maintained. When connecting to other platforms and services connections are often interrupted and require continual maintenance to be sure they stay connected.

Lead management is often the best way to funnel business. You want all leads to funnel to a single point of entry to fully optimize your business's lead intake process. This is accomplished using forms on your website. Forms specific to your business and tailored for success. Obtain detailed information from your customers to speed up the communication. Ever received incorrect or missing contact information? Sure, we all have and incorrect information is less likely to occur when a form is utilized.

SSL - Certificate adds value to your website. SSLs are not required for all websites. However, most don't fully understand their purpose or what it means to visit a site that says "not secured" in the address bar, but customers often assume there's something wrong with the website. Good news, all our websites receive an SSL Certificate to ensure that doesn't happen. It's included in Managed Services. SSLs come in a variety of protection level but most websites can benefit from a standard SSL. If your website is collecting credit card information or sensitive information it's best-practice to obtain an SSL.

Hosting included. Many hosting services will say hosting is free with a purchase of your website. For us your website is what's free. To us the maintenance, security, and upkeep of your website it's what important. Our clients spend up to hundreds of hours learning how to build a WordPress website and the most catastrophic thing that could happen would be to lose all your work. Managed Services ensures that doesn't happen. You'd be rather upset if you lost all your work and were told your hosting is free.

Backups are vital for ensuring website up time. Things happen, updates break websites, plugins don't always work as they're supposed to. When your website is broken you want to resolve any issues or problems with a solution as simple as flipping a switch. If you break your website and can't quickly undo what you've done you could be looking at starting over or spending extra costs on repairs. Let's ensure your website is backed up with Managed Services.

24/7 Support for your website. Anything happens we're here to help. Many of our customers don't have to ask which is what we strive for but should something occur we're on it. We respond to our customer's requests immediately and changes or corrections are remedied quickly.

Affordable, managed services - website includes lots of coverage, hosting, SSL, 24/7 support, updates, integration, and more for $100 a month. Online eCommerce stores are $300 a month.


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All websites hosted with us come with Managed Services. Inquire about Managed Services for your website.