Violet Services Websites

All our websites are built with your business in-mind. To us your website is a tool for your business. Websites should be used to represent your business, engage with customers, and offer communication.

Each website comes with Email Blogging, Social Media Integration, and SEO.

Email blogging allows marketing managers and business owners to update their blog by sending an email to a special email address and it appears on the website automatically.

Social Media Integration allows you to integrate with your Facebook page, Instagram,  LinkedIn, Twitter, Google My Business, and more. What it means to be integrated, you have links to all your Social Media accounts for customers to find your business. When you perform a blog post it appears on your Social Media automatically, which means you can update your website blog and all your Social Media accounts automatically at the same time with a single email.

We're serious about helping businesses save time and get more out of their websites. This is just one of many tools we can offer to improve your business.

How to get Started

We start with a Demo. Complete the from and we'll get started right away. With your information we'll establish the foundation for your new website. As a reminder websites take about 5-10 business days.

Check it out, try it, and if you like it buy it. We want you to be happy with your website and if you want it you'll buy it. Once you buy it we simply Activate or perform or help with a domain transfer: super simple. A demo is how we choose to earn your business.

Managed Services

Each website comes with Managed Services – Website. Managed services means all services regarding your website are covered.

Managed Services – Website ($100/month)
What's covered:

  • SSL – Certificate (Site Secure) - $10/month value
  • WordPress Hosting - $5.95/month value
  • Email to blog and Social Media - $9.95/month value
  • Social Media Integration (Twitter, Google My Business, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) - $15.00/month value
  • SEO for existing page content - $20.00/month value
  • Frontend, Backend, Server, and Database Updates - $100/month value
  • Malware protection - $29/month value
  • 99.8% site uptime - $1/month value
  • Weekly Google Analytic Data Reports - $10/month value
  • 24/7 Support - $20/month value

You're on your way with establishing your business online. Taking your business online is a big step and a necessary one. You've learned that there's money to be made with an online presence and a website is the foundation for your presence. No more helping free website providers with your efforts and start benefiting from your own website.

If you arrived here and are looking to update your existing site please use this form instead: Site Update or Transfer.