What is Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)?

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) as: “a philosophy, process and discipline supported by software for product management during the phases of their life cycle, from concept to retirement. PLM combines data, processes, systems and people into an end-to-end solution for the development and marketing of products. It shortens the time to market, reduces costs and increases the quality of products.

Food development consists out of a series of activities, each with its own data sources, processes, accountable persons and internal or external customers. Data and processes for managing projects, product portfolios, suppliers, specifications, recipes, quality & safety, compliance and product information. An end-to-end PLM centralizes all data and integrates all processes in a single system. Increases the agility of organizations to respond faster and better to changing market demands. Key factors are innovation speed, collaboration, data integrity, standardization, traceability, productivity and compliance.

PLM is Not Software

PLM is process and not software—software companies would like you to believe it is though. PLM is the process in which your business is currently performing on a regular basis. PLM software is supposed to help facilitate PLM processes.

We don't sell PLM software. We've worked for companies who sold PLM software. We've also worked for companies who purchased PLM software. What we've learned over the years and these different perspectives is that what's missing is the actual process of PLM. PLM is more about process and less about software. PLM Software Implementation companies are famous for informing their customers that with acquisition of PLM software all your dreams become a reality. This is simply not true. It's actually very unfortunate how so many of our previous clients just did not get what they were expecting.

We still know clients who implemented a PLM software for over 6 years close to 200 users and they're still not using it. They have two users who actually login to the system, which is usually the PLM Admin person who's trying to perform the jobs of all the department heads. This happens because process was never addressed. You can't adjust 20 years of established process with software.

Software and Their Relationship

This illustration exemplifies the different systems associated with PLM and business processes.

Processes and Systems

This illustration exemplifies processes.

Product Lifecycle Management

PLM Assessment

Does your business have PLM process?

PLM Readiness

Determine if you're ready for PLM software.

PLM Implementation

Process is dialed in and now you're ready for software.