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What is Product Lifecycle Management for Process?

PLM process software enables process-oriented consumer goods and is commonly used in by food and beverage companies to simultaneously reduce costs, mitigate risk, accelerate time to market, and improve worker productivity—all while boosting the bottom line contribution that products make to your overall profitability.

PLM process software may be used for products beyond food and beverage that require process to development. For example we've seen a paint manufacturing company benefit from utilizing this software.

  • Accelerate product development and introduction—Improves sales and margins, reduces innovation costs, and enhances productivity
  • Gain a single version of truth for all product and supplier data—improve global visibility, compliance, quality and safety
  • Easily manage experimental formulations—enhance compliance and quality, improve labeling, and reduce costs
  • Collaborate with suppliers—effectively manage sourcing relationships and data exchange across the multitiered supplier network
  • Agile Product Quality Management for Process makes quality information and issues visible to all of the stakeholders in the product lifecycle from product development through end-of-life and enables a corporate culture of quality

Like all software PLM process software is a tool and requires existing process to be fully utilized. Process development is vital for the success of implementation. A simple implementation project will not be enough to leverage this software. Most PLM software implementation projects range from 6–15 months and is not enough time when process has not been established. With data migration, workflow development, security model, business model, and data model these areas require time and attention. What we've found is that during implementations process gaps are identified. Process imperfections cause strain on implementation projects. Not enough time has been allotted for ironing out process imperfections and what ends up happening is the software is not used post implementation because process was not established to use it properly.

For a PLM software implementation project to be successful process needs to be developed, optimized, and documented prior and post to implementation ensure continued success. Preparation for implementation is the most important step. Your business has decided to implement software for a reason. Now it's time to layout the foundation within the business to ensure you're ready for new software. An implementation project should be just that an implementation. A good implementation project is turning it on, loading it with software, training on how to use it, and handing over documentation.

Another important aspect is that with process established a software implementation time can be drastically reduced. You do not want your software implementation to take more than 6 months. Most businesses experience too much personnel movement during any given year for an implementation project of 6+ months to be effective.

In our experienced we've seen up to half of our implementation project team members rotate or resources who were really driving the project rotate to other projects. 6+ months is too long for any business. After 6 months business lose momentum and the risk for implementation failure go way up. Good news, with process established a less than 6 month implementation is achievable.

When software is not used post implementation the project is a failure. We don't like to fail. If our clients don't succeed we don't succeed. Successful implementations are the only implementations we do and we're successful because we focus on process. Good process is the sure way for a successful implementation.

Ready for PLM for Process?

First things first begin performing research. Don't reinvent the wheel there're many who've embarked on this implementation. Visit a Users Group and network with others who've considered and implemented. They're a great resource for learning and many will gladly offer up helpful information. We can connect you with clients as well. Contact Oracle sales and implementation companies to learn about implementation process options. Learn all that you can about what options are available and determine what's best.

A shorter step would be to connect with us to learn about preparing for an implementation. We'll save you time, you'll use the software as intended, and we help you accomplish your businesses goals and objectives.

We have found the best implementation services and can identify when and if you're ready for software. If you're not ready we'll talk about what it's going to take to be ready. Your business has grown and you're already considering options, it is just a matter of time. Let us help you with your implementation in preparation.

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