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Product Lifecycle Management

SAP, PLM for Process, and other PLM systems we provide support and solutions for all your PLM needs. Providing businesses with long-term partnering relationships to help businesses grow in the form of efficiency, maintenance, and sustainability.


Functional and Professional Websites

Websites are tools. The purpose of your website is to represent your business, communicate, and increase sales. Customers are online. Help them to find you. When they look you up what do you want them to see?

Business Process

Leads, customer management, employee management, estimating, scheduling, invoicing, payroll, taxes, and marketing are all vital business functions. Process is what connects these common business functions and every business has process. Process optimization is necessary for business scalability, growth, quality improvements, additional staff, learning curve reduction, minimizing downtime, and maximizing value added activities.

Optimize your business process to give back time. Get your business running on autopilot with Violet.


Aquire and apply marketing that's specific to your business and is synced to your business goals and objectives. Choose from a range of marketing strategies and solutions. Increase sales and fine tune lead flow. Buy the right amount of sales and leads tailored to what your business can handle.


Customer Relationship Management

Use CRM to manage customers, leads, sales, estimates, invoices, employee hours, and scheduling.
Customer management is a necessary tool for keeping track and staying organized. Quick and easy access to vital customer information means less time spent looking and more accurate use of information. Know when your appointments are scheduled and share your calendar with your team for easy management.


Product flow and invoicing process. Complete eCommerce store with inventory management, CRM, POS, invoicing, and QuickBooks integration. 

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