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First let us talk about what a Search Engine does. Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo are software algorithm tools designed to locateinformation on the web. How do they do this? They crawl pages continuously and create indexes of information. It works like a library in that when a new book goes on the shelf it reads the cover and the content to determine where in the library it goes. This way when someone is looking for that book or content contained in the book it can be found quickly, easily, and accurately. The more people who're searching for that content and select that book the Search Engine gets a pat on the back and rewards that book by moving it to closer to the front of library causing it to be found faster and faster.

SEO in Star Lake Kent, WA is just one of many ways to help get your business found online. As mentioned before Search Engines need to know information about your business in order to determine where it belongs on the Internet.Next is the optimization part, which is accomplished by applying specific and tailored content performed by specialized technicians to accelerate your business in Search Engine results. These technicians and agents of marketing are experts in knowing what Search Engines are programmed to look for.Now that you have a better understanding of what Search Engines are and what SEO does how can SEO help your business?Every business needs to be online. Websites are affordable enough that every business can have one. Websites are the foundation for your business online. Not having a website is just leaving easy money on the table. When a business doesn't have a page it indicates low budget or they don't want to be found. Plain and simple. Business are in business to make money providing goods and services. Let your customers find you on the web. Obtain SEO to go with your website so your customers can find you quickly over your competitors.

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SEO is an investment for your business. These illustrations are meant to be examples for SEO marketing. Without SEO your website is small almost invisible to the Internet. The more SEO you apply to your website the greater your coverage. Making your business more visible to the Internet. Even if SEO should no longer be purchased your business has grown on the Internet. The tree exemplifies what it would take for another competitor to try and surpass your investing. SEO takes time and work. SEO is a long-game but worth the investment.The third image is an example of Ad-words, AdSense, Google Ads, etc. They provide great results, similar to SEO. They don't require the long wait, however, once the marketing is turned off that's it. No foundational investment. You get what you spend. Leaves without roots or structure. Great for increase of business but bad if there's not enough return on investment. Should your business run into slow periods Google Ads can drain the bank if there's not enough business coming it. Whereas SEO can be turned off if business slows and a business can still benefit from previously applied SEO.

When performing marketing online there're many ventures. These illustrations are meant to help explain the differences. There's not one that's better than the other. Different levels of marketing for different business models. If you can image a marketing plan that includes both Google Ads and SEO your business would have quite a significant presence online.If you're not sure that's why we're here. We inform businesses all the time what a good strategy is. At the very least do something! Customers will not find you if you do not do some form of marketing.

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