SEO Audit Results

People wanted to know how their SEO company is doing.

SEO Whistleblower

Many people speculate and promise they have the 'secrets' to SEO.

We're blowing the lid of this thing because there's people who're being taken advantage of. 'SEO' companies often sell 1-5 pages of content each month. Individual pages that have nothing more than content that contains products and services. These pages are baked with keywords and deliver virtually no results.

Why are you not on the first page of Google?

First let's address some SEO basics.

SEO is not just keywords (maybe in 1995). SEO is the overall result of content performance. There's a large gap in understanding of what SEO is. SEO is how well your overall content is performing. It has actually little to do with just the keywords. Sure without keywords computers are not able to see. Computers are also instructed to determine a few other areas of your SEO. There's plenty of existing content on what SEO is and if you were interested in learning more about SEO you would not have hired a company to do it for you. We're going to show the results of low quality SEO.

A few things to consider regarding your SEO company and the work you've received.

  • Age or maturity of the website.
  • Age of content.

These are definitely some key factors that would provide poor results for any company performing SEO for you business. Here we're only reviewing seasoned websites that have mature pages. Matured and seasoned are years old.

When it comes to SEO keywords are used to track and gauge performance even though they may not be all that is involved with measurements. With keywords you want to rank in the top 10 but also want to rank in the top 10 for words that MATTER! This is a huge one and is often overlooked. If you rank number 1 for a word or combination of words that no one cares about why are you paying for that? Yeah, not a good idea. Another one that happens often is that you don't rank even for the easy keywords. Your 'SEO' company just pushes out more and more garbage that you don't even rank for.

Ask your current SEO provider to go through these results with you. They should be able to take the time to explain the results. If they can't explain or are delivering "you should do Google Ads" that not right. You shouldn't be paying Google Ads on quality SEO content after a few years. If you're paying ads after years of publication it's not SEO.


Here's a snip of what we're capable of viewing with SEO measuring tools. This is a spreadsheet of all pages this particular website currently has. Each of these pages cost this company $200-$300 per page. This spreadsheet has been sorted by keywords with the most search volume. Search volume is the amount of people searching this keyword each month. Top Rank is just that, the rank level achieved when the keyword is searched.

For example this companies most searched keyword returns 921 average monthly search volume and their current rank is 50. What page on Google do you think that is?

Top 20 keywords they don't even rank in the top 10.

In-case you're wondering this list has 1392 pages. Math, using average page cost $250 x 1392 = $348,000. Yikes!

Businesses really don't see results until they're in the top 10. When you're in the top 10 the results are about 35% success in additional business. Expectations happen at 20-35%.


Now let's see where this business is ranking and what keywords are performing. Spreadsheet sorted now by rank. Below are all the keywords where this business is currently ranking 10 or better. The column with Specific Monthly Volume where there're no numbers means no one is searching that keyword enough to even measure. The best keyword and rank this business has is 3 rank which is great! However, only 27 people a month search this keyword. For $328,000 those 27 people better be buying a house or some amazing purchase that paid for all those other pages.

seo keywords gone wrong

Best Results

The best results for this whole website are that they have 181 pages where they rank 10 or better. We totaled the number of search volume and got 164. $328,000 is a lot to spend for 164 search volume. Search volume just means that 164 people are searching those keywords on average each month. Which doesn't even mean they're clicking to view your site. Remember 35% conversion for top 10.

You don't need to be an SEO Expert.

You don't need to be an SEO expert to know these results are not good. This is unfair to any business owner that's experiencing this. We try to help business owners all the time realize this is occurring but they don't believe us. We don't take it personal. Marketing companies have a bad rap for this exact reason. Can't trust anymore. You could have a sound relationship with your current SEO provider but this is unacceptable SEO results. All 1392 pages this business has purchased have been very unproductive and if you're not paying attention this could be happening to you. We will not disclose the name of this business but the company that's currently performing this SEO is one of the leading SEO companies in their area. All this company does is SEO and these are their results.

We don't want you to rely on trust with us either. We'll teach you how to follow these results for yourself. We also don't do marketing unless you know exactly what success is supposed to look like. If we don't reach the success criteria you DON'T PAY. Unlike this SEO company you're obviously not paying for results. 

This particular company is investing so much money in different areas that they're not able to track what business is coming from where. It's easier to hide these kinds of results with larger companies.

Receive this audit for you business, complementary. We want your business to be successful as you have a positive impact on our communities, which we live in! So, thank you small-businesses.