Website Updated

Nick Baker with Voy Enterprise was one of our first clients. Nick wanted to move his website to a location where he would be able to get more done on it. Voy Enterprise is a very busy carpet sanitation service and Nick wanted more efficiency.

We migrated their website and provided a few updates. We updated the content on the website to include additional keywords, provided access to another SEO provider, and added Social Media integration.

Nick really enjoyed the ability to send content to a special email and see it automatically post to his blog and on his Social Media accounts. This save a great deal of time while still allowing Nick to perform most of his own marketing.

New Users

When we brought Nick on as a client he was working with a very reputable SEO company. We brought Voy Enterprise on as a client just before April.

Work that had been accomplished was design updates. Modification to the website to funnel leads through a form and SEO meta data updating.

Like most contractors many phone calls are not actual leads they're solicitors. When contractors are working in the field they do not need to be on the phone any more than necessary. Having clients complete a form to schedule service allowed technicians to work without distraction. Hours were saved from having to answer phones.

We lost Voy as a client in January as they decided to move forward with another SEO company. Violet Services was never hired to perform SEO for Voy Enterprise but we were able to save them time and see some actual results just with what we could accomplish.

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Voy Enterprise's website was packed up and delivered to their new service provider and we wish them the best success.

While Voy Enterprise is no longer one of our clients they are still the best carpet cleaning service in Washington!

We want our clients to succeed and when we're not a good fit that is important to consider. Your business's success is priority.

Search Performance

Even though we were never hired to perform SEO for Voy Enterprise our built-in SEO did perform well for what this website had.

To go from almost 0 clicks to 166 within six months was good progress. We also experienced 23,800 impressions.

6 month seo progress
update website in Renton wa
update website in Renton wa