Sumner Woodworker Store

This project has truly been a success story. They really took a chance on us. This is a seasoned business that offers woodworking materials and products retail. Sumner Woodworkers Store in Sumner, WA. They had a preexisting website that was dated. More importantly the owners did not feel that an investment in their website would do them much benefit as they did not see any results from their website. Most business quickly realize that just because you have a website on the web it is actually very difficult to get people to find and or use it. It is surprising how something can hide so well in such a public place.

Previous Monthly SIte Visitors
Current Monthly SIte Visitors
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Before and After
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Where's the proof?

We believe in what gets measured gets done. Every website we build we offer weekly Google Analytic website performance reports. It really does us no good to work in a vacuum or not share how we're doing.

We look at our clients as an investment. We have a skill and our time is valuable. While we are in business it is very important for us to see a return on our investment.

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Complete Website Overhaul

This website was built with simplicity in-mind and its purpose was to provide specific information to a target audience. With Social Media marketing this website successfully connect with its target audience on Social Media.

  • Social Media Integration
  • Email Blogging
  • Updated Information
  • Backlinks
  • Content Generation

The biggest gains for this client was the SEO reconfiguration. Every website we build comes with SEO built into every page. It's just a standard we provide. We want our clients to get what they expect which is improvements with their website. We don't need to up-sell basic SEO.

After a Deep-dive into the business we believed their was a large following that was just waiting to be connected. For our marketing to be effective we must learn about every industry. In this example the results and predictions were excellent.

They went from about 20 users a month to about 1,000 with no marketing. Their website was simply visible to their target audience. This goes to show you the power of basic SEO and just because you have a website doesn't mean your existing web-designer implemented it.

We also perform a single blog post a month. Their website is integrated into all their Social Media so our blog post appears automatically on all their accounts and pages. That integration is included in our Managed Services - Website.


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