Website Created

Jason Smith with JWS Remodel was quite the project. Like most contractors they put their phone number on the Internet and every call are solicitation calls. This project needed a lead funnel and fast.

When we dug further into the project we found many different direction and quite a mess of systems and services. Not fully understanding what every solicitor is offering or if they've even telling the truth can cause lots of frustration down the line.

This client was sold G-Suite without a Google My Business page but was promised one. Was on a local listing that charged him for leads and clicks that only came through the service provider's website or phone number.

When Jason was ready to scale there was a lot to clean up. While what he had was working it was limiting his ability scale well.

There was no website. He was using a sub-domain that was provided by one of his local listing services. When you don't use your own domain and use another business's domain their domain gains popularity off your traffic. For example, Yelp: belongs to Yelp. All traffic to that domain go toward and not your business. When you choose to leave that service your business has to start all over.

His domain was registered with one service provider. Pointing to another service provider. While using the sub-domain website provided by the local listing service.

Let's just say it was nice to get everything organized. Jason's services were all consolidated and we eliminated unnecessary bills for services that were not needed.

Saving time and money for this business with organization.

New Website
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Social Media Marketing

This client was another high-end remodeling service that really wanted to target a specific audience. The next problem for this client was keeping up with their work Their work was so quality that they actually requested everything be turned off. Our ability to make their work available on Social Media funnel quality leads and in large numbers.

Jason has since closed the doors on his personal business and decided to pursue an opportunity that he was offered.

The world needs more contractors like Jason!


We were happy to a part of Jason's success story and see him succeed. His website has been archived, parked, and is preserved if he ever chooses to return to his business.