Diligence Construction

Diligence Construction in Kent, WA is a relatively new remodeling and construction company run by Andre and his wife Jacki. They specialize in remodeling Bathrooms, Kitchens, and more. This client is interested in a very specific target audience and desired a very strategic marketing strategy.
When looking to obtain clients that want to spend over $55,000 for a bathroom remodel it can be more difficult to place your content in front of the right audience. When clients are looking to spend that kind of money it is very important to establish trust and value. In the past the only way to obtain those kinds of leads were through STONG referrals. With today businesses are able to accomplish stronger relationship building with Social Media, quality website, and testimonials.

Now when we say testimonials we are NOT referring to Yelp. Clients will go to Yelp to check your reviews but that is not enough. They do need to see more of your business before they'll convert. Usually a lite referral combine with strong Social Media presence coupled with Yelp reviews is more likely to cause conversion. Most of their clients provide written letters of recommendations and reviews. Google and Yelp just don't do their work justice. Best to have more when possible.

This client we built them from the ground up. They started with nothing. We created a website, all Social Media profiles and pages, SEO content, blog content, Google Ads, Social Media Ads, Social Media engagements, and well you get the idea: the works.

First 30 Day Progress

In this graph is the progress from launch to 30days. This client received significant traffic and benefit from Social Media and quality content. Since this client at this stage is so new to Google search we do use Ads to get the ball rolling. We build exceptional quality content into every page to ensure that over time our clients should not have to purchase ads again.
Content needs to be refreshed once in a while but once you satisfy client needs with content you should continue to satisfy those needs.
If our clients see loss or slippage in SEO performance we review and discuss with our client.

We are a team and it is not a single purchase. We're an employee of your business and enjoy growing because you're willing to tell others how well we're doing based on performance.

marketing progress graph
Source Progress

Here in this view we can see all the different forms of media contributing to their website. When performing marketing online you want a diverse medium. This means the website is receiving traffic from Facebook, Google Search, Ads, or Direct.
This client was off to a great start for only having been open online for 30 days.

social media marketing
Facebook Page

Their Facebook page was created on March 25th. By April 13th we are at 161 Page Followers, which is 20 days. We have had client who reach 200 Page Followers and their page has been active for over 3 years. This is great progress. With our quality content this is accomplishable.

FB Followers
social media marketing facebook marketing
Facebook Posts and Engagements

This post is an example of quality. You want quality content on Social Media. This is not an Ad. Social Media is to be social. Providing continuous and consistent quality, message, target audience, and frequency build followings. You've got a business to run and posting 1-2 times a day on just Facebook is a lot of work. It is worth the reward but your business needs you to do your business.

social media marketing

Additioal Marketing Strategy

All forms of Social Media

We are actively performing marketing on Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Yelp, and Twitter. Each platform is performing very similar but each platform warrants different strategy as each platform audience has different expectations. The message is the same but how it is communicated can vary.

What we've found is that for marketing to be effective it really is necessary to be on all these platforms. Clients expect businesses to have presence on Social Media. When businesses are not on Social Media what comes to your mind as to why? They don't believe in it? Can't afford it? The answers to those questions don't work in a business's favor. Making customers happy is usually a good thing.


SEO is another strategy that we won't get to show progress until later. This strategy needs time to mature. We believe that with a full comprehensive strategy with an SEO long-term strategy alongside this client will become a household name and will begin to enjoy the benefits over time. What will happen is as the organic growth begins to take off additional business starts to naturally occur.
When scaling your business you don't usually want to stop the marketing that's working but you'll be tempted to buy more. With an effective SEO strategy, not just keywords, your business will begin to increase sales naturally online.

Most understand that you start off with buying your way to number one in Search Engines and then over time you earn your spot at number one in Search Engines. If you do not play the long game you simply just do not receive those natural benefits of SEO and the only gain your business will feel is the original marketing investment.

We're super excite Diligence Construction chose to allow us to invest into their business with our marketing services and together we're destined for long-term success.

Office Tools

Since we're technologist and work with Azure and AWS we're familiar with office tools such as email. This client wanted their emails to match their domain and we were able to also provide them multiple Microsoft Exchange email accounts.

Business cards have also been provided since we're performing marketing Andre also requested we get business cards that matched the marketing. Our designers got to work and they now have business cards that look professional and match their marketing.

Clothing and apparel were also provided. Andre wanted his crew to look in-person as professional as they did online and wanted T-shirts and Hoodies for crew and staff to wear on-site.


We don't do business cards or apparel! Haha, but for our clients we know they're busy and want them to be successful and sometimes it is nice to have some things just taken care of. We were happy to do business cards and apparel.

We're proud to be working with Andre and Jacki and looking forward to a progressive successful business relationship.

Thank you Jacki and Andre!


Let's get your business out there!