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Most business owners have a basic understanding how SEO works. Business owners have no shortage of marketing services, marketing agencies, ads, emails, or people in the streets telling you need SEO and or how to do SEO. Your questions as a business owner are not what is SEO but what will we get if we rank number 1 or first page of search results, why are we not ranking well, can an SEO company actually deliver results, and how much of an impact will SEO be for our business.

Main Questions:

  • What does it mean to rank well?
  • Why are we not ranking?
  • Should you hire a company to perform your SEO?
  • What's the impact of effective SEO?
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Young Business

SEO is simple, right, just blast the web with keywords and wallah business from search results. A young business sees this as an opportunity to save some serious money. As a young business we would encourage you to do your own research on how SEO works. A great SEO company has nothing to hide. The secret is in the content and not how SEO is tactically approached. When your business is young there's more time than money. If your capital is limited you'll have to find ways to succeed on your own, which may require you to become somewhat of a marketing expert or at least familiar. This is good for any business to do. Learning a little about how things work can protect a business from companies who have no idea what they're doing. A business can't afford to experience loss on any investment. It's work but you can do it. is a great resource for SEO learning and SEO tools.

Mature Business

Business has learned about and applied SEO. Your ranking has improved minimally. You've tried a few different techniques, all your keywords have been applied, you've followed all the instructions, but you're still not seeing results.

A mature business will likely be assigning a marketing director or resource to locate an SEO company or agency to grow your business. You've reach a point where you're ready to outsource or hire a full-time employee to perform your SEO. Look for a resource or company who knows what it means to captivate an audience and build an organic following. Business is successful and efficient and additional sales would be great and you're ready to add SEO to your portfolio of marketing strategies for your business.

SEO Secret

The secret to SEO is in the content. If you want to effectively apply SEO in Tacoma you need to provide content that residence of Tacoma are interested in and not just  Tacoma interested but also interested in your business. Many who use search engines are looking to simply schedule services but you could do so much more with building your audience and fans of your business than a glorified (very expensive) Google listing (link on how to create one).

Don't spend thousands of dollars to be another listing on Google. Work with a quality company that can showcase your business's true potential and really connect with your fans.

Unfortunately that's the secret to SEO. It's unique to every business and business's target audience. And, a business can even have multiple audiences which each require different content.

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Garrett Haynes
Garrett Haynes
21:12 24 Sep 19
Jimmy has done a great job helping us with our website and working to improve our SEO. He has come and sat down with us... several times now to get to know us and what our specific goals and needs are and is tailoring his approach to our agency's culture and how we want to market ourselves. He really cares about helping you and your business more
Nicole Munchel
Nicole Munchel
19:42 23 Sep 19
Great service- if there is an issue Violet Services will dealt with it quickly and efficiently. Very responsive.
Erik Slusher
Erik Slusher
15:31 22 Sep 19
I can not believe the service I have received by violet services. My estimate inquiries have doubled since violet... services. Thank you again. Violet services is highly recommendedread more
Nat W
Nat W
17:42 01 Oct 18
The door replacement was more steps and time than anticipated . But we appreciate his attention to detail,... thoroughness, problem solving ability. Most importantly, the outcome really is great -exceeds- our expection, 11 out of 10. We are glad you sent Kyle because of the complexity of custom making a door and frame to fit in a 110 year old house. Anyone with less experience would not be able to foresee the trouble and challenge, and would have gotten hung up or stuck halfway. I appreciate that you sent him. We look forward to his quote for a back covered deck and front stair more
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