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There are a ton of people looking for how to do and learn SEO. SEO has become such a mystery for web designers, consultants, and business owners. We are always hearing "oh we know all the latest from Google." "We've been doing this for years." "We go to the related Google conventions to keep up to date." There's no missing ingredient and there's no longer a single technique to SEO. We'll provide some insight to SEO and what we know from our experience.

How Search Results Ranking Works

Google and other search engine services such as Bing and Yahoo have reached a point where they've become great at determining how users show satisfaction in a web performance. We're going to cover these topics at a high-level. There're many services out that explain SEO from a technical perspective.

Techniques described are meant to show SEO techniques and strategies.

We've all heard words like "metadata" and "keywords". These are as you know important. Here's what they look like in action:

We searched "SEO Consulting" and found many results. Here you can see that "SEO" and "Consulting" were found. The content on this page also includes those keywords.

The ranking on this is actually really poor. This page is on about the 4th page of Google. Why is this page on the 4th page of Google if it contains exactly what was searched?

We provide excellent SEO services for businesses and our page has content that's related to those keywords but it is not what the majority of people are looking for when searching for "SEO Consulting".
The majority of users who're searching "SEO Consulting" are not actually looking to outsource or hire a great SEO company they're looking to learn SEO. There're more users who want content on learning SEO than there are businesses looking for SEO services. We do provide SEO consulting but more for businesses who're looking for SEO services and not to train or teach SEO companies how to perform SEO.

Related Content

The example above shows how related content plays a large role in search ranking. Content relation plays an important role of presenting content for more users who're looking for that content. Yes, there are businesses looking for SEO services there're just not as many as who're looking for how to perform SEO.

When you work with a quality SEO company these occurrences are identified and we adjust our approach. If your businesses goal was to overcome a trend there are other methods for obtaining users and that's what you hire a company like ours to help you figure out.

More does not mean more. No matter the amount of content you put out there it does not make more users look for it. It just becomes a waste. We've seen many SEO companies do this. They want their client's websites to rank and instead of understanding content relation they just continue to do what worked 15 years ago. More keywords and more keywords. You can recognize websites that are experiencing this type of SEO approach because there're keywords everywhere.

A good example of overuse of keywords would be a plumbing company that has pages and pages dedicated to each plumbing component. Let's take "water heaters" as an example. Who's looking for "water heaters". Who knows what a water heater is or is looking for water heaters? Most plumbing companies don't sell water heaters. They install them. The content they can provide when people are shopping for water heaters is low. Those users are looking to buy and need info on prices, manufactures, specifications, how to choose the right water heater, etc. There's a high amount of traffic visiting this page is likely to bolt because they're looking to buy water heaters and your page isn't selling water heaters.
They've provided keywords but not the content people are looking for. It doesn't capture the audience therefor the ranking on this content is going to go down.

Seasoned SEO Companies

Blasting keywords everywhere is not how this works. Not anymore. 10-15 years ago, yes, this was true. Any SEO company that says "we've been doing this since 1995" beware and check to see websites they've done.

This is a huge conflict because seasoned SEO companies can show results of their work but it's usually out of context. "Look at how awesome our work did for this company." Not mentioning those results were from many years ago. The results are not a fare assessment of what performances would be for a new website.

There're going to be SEO companies that are more up-to-date with techniques. You're just educating yourself of what to look for. Ask for results for websites that started within the last 2 years.

Household name is another talking point when working with seasoned SEO companies. How much traffic to the web contains the name of this company. People performing what's called brand searching. This is where those keywords are keywords you own. That traffic is coming from many other areas such as referrals, history, billboards, etc. Effective Google analytics would be where we would identify traffic paired with other SEO tools.

Keyword Abuse

The example photo on the right shows a long list of tabs equating to pages and pages of items dedicated to all those keywords. Is this an effective use of keywords?

One keyword this business is very interested in is "Electrician". When "Electrician" is searched this business is currently on page two on Google. They've decided to move forward with using Google Ads because they can't get to the first page of Google for "Electrician". The page they created for "Electrician" was created 2016. If it was going to get to the first page it would have done it by now. This is shocking because this is one of the largest service providers for their area and are a household name.

It just goes to show you just how important quality content is. Keywords are what computers find. Humans are what determine popularity. If your content is not interesting search engines are not interested either.

This company can add as many pages using the keyword "electrician" as they want and their website is still not moving up in rank. That's why they've reverted to paying more cash on Google Ads, which is really unfortunate because if they had a quality SEO approach they would not have to do that. SEO is supposed to be an investment. Technologies are changing but it all has to quality content. This company already paid an SEO company to build SEO content and it's not working. Now they're paying them to do Google Ads. That's paying for the same content twice.

If this is happening to you let's talk about how we get this fixed so you can use those marketing funds on something you've not done already.

Legacy SEO Companies

If you're a legacy SEO company and you've fallen behind the times and would like consulting support to bring your business up to speed before it's too late we're here to help. Please connect with one of our consultants and we can help you with finding resources to train team members or where to look for resources who understand people.

For businesses who're looking to perform SEO yourselves understand there's a lot more to SEO and with many elements to effective SEO is work and there're layers of professions for a reason. Trying to take all this on yourself when getting started is a lot. As if there're not enough things to do. In the beginning you have more time than money. Do your best to utilize tools to develop your own SEO. When you're ready to be on the first page you will need to talk to an effective SEO company.

Excessive Keyword Use Example

Keyword overdose

Computers Are Dumb

Computers don't know what "electrician" is. You can't explain to a computer what "electrician" is. All they can do is what they're told. If a computer is told to find keywords but also find popular pages that's exactly what you get. There's no logic processed by computers here. This whole "what's Google doing with SEO" is ridiculous. As if Google is going to say if you put "find me" in your content that page will trump all others and be moved to the first position. IT people are usually not extroverts following social trends. The tactical approach to SEO does not speak toward what people want. If you're an SEO company looking for the answer go hire resources who understand people not computers. You'll probably need a consultant because the back-end folks won't understand. It takes a whole team of resources to make this effective. That's why SEO that works is expensive, because there's a lot more work to it than simply adding keywords to a bunch of pages.

Hopefully you're starting to understand that SEO is so much more than keywords. You want to be effective with your SEO but are struggling to see the magic. That's because the magic in contained in human behavior not keywords.

SEO Tools or SEO Training Content

You probably found this page because you were looking for content and support for learning SEO. There are many resources available and are currently growing expeditiously because there's a high volume of people looking to perform their own or learn SEO.

Moz - While Moz continuously wants to auto-correct to Mom they are a great resource for learning about and providing resources for SEO. They have tools and services that are very beneficial to providing effective tools for measuring and tracking performances.

Google Analytics - Is a great resource that's FREE to use for tracking and monitoring performances. There are whole classes on how to just use Google Analytics. People actually introduce themselves as "Certified in Google Analytics" there's so much to learn. You don't need to pay for classes on how to use Google Analytics. You should be able to play with it and view documentation Google is already providing.

Google Search Console - This one is necessary for keyword performances. We talked about keywords and their level of importance. This tool definitely shows performances and collects a lot of data around Search appearance and keyword use.

Google Ad Words - When looking to plan your keywords this process can be very involving, however, learning about what keywords matter and to who this tool is helpful. You don't need to purchase an ad but you do need to create an account to use.

These tools will help you track your tactical approach to SEO. When your SEO is not working or is not performing well these tools do not tell you what's wrong. You must use the SEO Secret to figure that out. You can measure poor performing content all day and know everything there is to know about all these tools and still not be effective because it's the quality of your content that matters. The quality of your content can be measured using this tools but you need expert content for these tools to reflect high performances.

An example would be checking the tire pressure on a flat tire. No matter how many times or different gauges you use the tire will still be flat. "Yep, it's flat."

Let's get some air in those tires and get your business rolling at full capacity!!

Investment vs Expense

When it comes to the cost of quality SEO the question for us isn't really how much does it cost but more how much is the investment worth to you? We could tell you it costs $1,000,000 a month to be number 1. You could see that number and go WOW, absolutely not. This is a common response to quoted SEO costs. Or, any marketing efforts for that matter. Many SEO and Marketing agencies don't seem to know what it's like to be in your shoes. A person with vision but limited budget.

Let's ask the same question a different way. What would it mean for your business to be number 1? If you could make even $2,000,000 a month with $1,000,000 a month in SEO would this be a good investment? Seems to make sense when we look at the numbers like that. It's not how much it is but what will we get in return that business are looking for. Experienced businesses know to be weary of promises that involve large expenses and don't want to move forward with a purchase they can't afford to lose. Especially from marketing services. It's good to do your homework and make sure you're experiencing a high degree of confidence when considering a marketing expense.

Final question, if we could obtain $2,000,000 in business with $1,000,000 investment with SEO would you move forward?


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