Interested in a career at Violet? Let's be more up to date and realistic. People don't have careers at a single establishment anymore. A career consists of resources moving and moving often. We at Violet encourage and expect resources to grow here and grow beyond here. We focus on personnel growth but as you as a resource not just what's important to our business. We recognize and realize that mobility in a career is good. More is learned and experience is achieved. We do what we can to encourage and accommodate our team members as much as possible to ensure comfort, challenge, and purpose.

Have a passion or dream that doesn't necessarily connect or align with our business model or have anything to do with an organization great! That passion and dream is what motivates us and that's what we care about with all our team members. Let us know what we can do to help you accomplish your dream, goals, and passion.

Our vision is to make business about people and that includes our own. Tell us about what motivates you.

Text or Call 206-619-1270. We screen our calls too so leave a message 📞.