Violet Services

We're an IT company looking to excel business process, websites, and marketing. We find opportunities for business to reduce time to invoice and increase sales with website tools, software, and marketing. We work with many different types of business and each business has different processes and strategies but all business have the same goal. Produce quality products and turn a profit. We help with both.

Profit can be improved in more ways than one.

  • One way to improve profit is to increase value. Value is determined by what a product or service can sell for. We help increase value. Providing a more professional customer experience is usually the best place to start. Consistency, communication, and presentability are all areas to help increase value. Quality is what people are willing to pay for. We find opportunities to provide or present quality.
  • Provide products and service faster and with less effort. If you're able to perform an 8hr task in less than 8hrs for the same price you've increased profit. We show and help reduce the time it takes to perform services or produce products with identifying key opportunities to improve process.
  • Increase sales, sell more products and services to more customers. You sell more you increase profit. We accomplish this with marketing. We work with vendors and agencies, as well as in-house, to provide the best well-rounded marketing approach any company can provide. How should a business market itself? As many ways as possible that best fit the budget. Today's strategies are vast and each provide different performances and must be adjusted a determined by the business. What works for one business might not work for another due to type and or location, or other reasons. Best to talk with an expert who's objective is to help your business grow and not just sell marketing products.

What we've found here at Violet is that businesses need all three to succeed. If you increase sales but are not able to keep up you lose out on that profit potential. Can't do one without the other. In some cases businesses are ready for a simple increase in sales and in those situations that works out.

We believe in building long-term relationships with businesses. We're not interested in turning a quick profit and moving on to the next customer. When businesses grow we grow. Businesses that are successful purchase more of our services; it's a win win!

Learning what businesses need to grow allows us to provide better service to our customers. Having experience working with so many different types of businesses allows our customers access to many techniques, methods, and processes. Each client of ours is strictly confidential and agrees to a Non-disclosure Agreement so no internal business details are shared. We provide common best-practices to handing customers, data, software, and more.

Our Story

Years of industry experience paired with passion. We're not like most IT companies: we speak familiar. We understand that not everyone understands IT concepts, functionality, or requirements. Nor does everyone need to. We listen to our clients and accommodate where it makes sense while providing context that is clear and understandable.

Our background is production manufacturing: LEAN Manufacturing, Sigma Six, ISO, TS, OSHA, NIOSH;  and enterprise software: implementation, hosting, support, extensions, and customization.

Combining the knowledge of process, software, marketing.

We've been helping businesses grow since 2017.

Our Approach

Get to know our clients needs, expectations, hurdles, and meet them with solutions. We perform an assessment of you business and provide feedback. Our feedback may include a multi-level growth plan. One that fits your business goals, objectives, budget, and vision.

We start with the basics. First things first every business needs a website. Maybe your business doesn't need to increase sales, which is fine, however, just because you have a website does not mean sale will increase. There's a common misconception about websites and that is many believe a website will all the sudden have this traffic. You'd be surprise how quiet and desolate a website is without attention of proper marketing. A businesses website is the foundation for online presence.

Once a website is up we can then begin to focus on process. How does the business perform its daily activities. Who does the work, where does the work take place, and how does the company receive compensation for their efforts. Seems simple but there's always opportunities for improvement.

Marketing and business process go hand-in-hand. Hard to grow a business without capital and hard to get capital with marketing. The best and most common approach is to apply both. Marketing grows as the business grows.

Try to imagine your business in a place where you or board of directors have time to think of new innovative ways to expand your services and products. This is the vision we share with all our customers.

We help businesses reach their full potential but at a pace tailored by the business.

Meet the Owner

Jimmy Smith — Husband, Father, Owner, Veteran. Jimmy has a rare set of skills: business processconsulting in Lake Tapps wa and technology. Working years in the production industry learning concepts of efficiency and process optimization with personnel management, assembly, materials, and budgeting. Later working years in the IT industry learning software, networking infrastructure, database, data management, and consulting. And, then later owning a construction company. These unique set of skills and experience combine with running a small business allows for an ideal consultant to help businesses.

Jimmy's primary interests are helping businesses. He believes good products & services don't need to be sold, they're bought. Good products and services sell themselves. Violet Services does not often sell anything. Businesses want our services and our challenge is when.

Because we're not just a simple support company we're able to help businesses in many ways. If our services are not necessary we have no problem informing businesses. They're always opportunities to improve but not even business is ready.

Lastly, we enjoy seeing businesses improve, optimize, and succeed with Violet Services.

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