About Us

Who we are. Why we do what we do. Who do we do it for.


It's our workplace and we deliver what we would want if we were our customers.


To invest in our clients future as a concinnity partner.

Our Story

Like most businesses we believe we could do something better. Not satisfied with end results; too many occurrences where marketing was acquired and results did not meet expectations. While there may have been nothing wrong with the marketing that was acquired expectations were not met or clear. Marketing that does not meet expectations is a poor service.

Enough time in business it was apparent marketing agencies either have ethical or communication problems, or both. Violet Services was built with clients first mentality. What do they want. How do they want to be treated. What do we expect from our clients. We wanted to provide marketing services that are easy, successful, and affordable.

Our Approach

Marketing is not ads, shinny, banners, flashy, annoying, redundant, or boring. Marketing is want, happy, need, like, share, more, learn, and awesome. The difference is an experience. Our marketing is a concinnity of your business. All elements of business are working in harmony. There's not a single form of marketing that just works. Marketing is causing desire with an audience. Desire means that want what you have. Our marketing is to focus what is special about your business and how do we get them to be passionate enough about your business that they market your business for you.

Results of our marketing efforts are household name, brand recognition, sales, leads, self-promoting content, growth.

Deep-dive. We first learn about your business. Asking questions about who you are, what have you accomplished, where do you want to go, why are you here, what is your business's purpose, and who do you help.

Content Strategy. With what we learn about your business we design Content Strategy. This strategy tells us how your business will communicate to your target audience through content.

Launch. Post content strategy we focus on content distribution and scheduling: where, when, how often.

Data analytics and metrics. All our marketing is created with purpose and anticipated results. Reporting is how we verify and track performance.

Review and cycle. We review with our clients the results of their marketing by verifying lead quality, target audience, percentage of revenue growth, business capacity, and determine trajectory. We funnel that data and results back into the front of our client's marketing for optimal efficiency.

Continual follow up and check-ins. We want to be sure what we're doing is working and effective.

With us our client's business comes first. We did not say our client comes first but the actual business comes first. That's what we mean when we say that we're investing into your business with our marketing. We care about your business's success and feel ethically responsible to report any issues we identify or concerns we may have. Our clients have the final say in what we do but we're a team and work for your business.

We're particular about who we do business with. Your business must comply with ethical standards, law, and positively serve our communities.

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