Make business about people.


Free people to be people through systems, process, and software solutions.

Our Story

Like most businesses we believe we could do something better. Not satisfied with end results; too many occurrences where software was bought and not used to its potential post implementation. With consistent dissatisfactory results we decided to apply focus and identify root-causes for failed software implementations. Root-causes were incomplete or inadequate attention toward process, no post implementation consulting support, implementation duration, and expectation setting. Violet Services was created to focus on those root-causes to increase success.

Our Approach

Increase efficiency with process and identify opportunities to delegate using software to get you back to doing what software cannot.

Get to know our clients and build quality relationships; learn challenges, vision, passion, expectations, goals, and objectives through effective consulting. Key areas are specifications, product development process, supplier chain, resource management, data, and web services. We use our experience to see gaps and highlight opportunities driven by process.

Partnering with business to deliver their best is how we make an impact in building a better tomorrow for our communities. Our success is measured through our clients' success.


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